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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Real - NF Lyrics

Yeah, real music
Yo, ya just get in that, you get in that head space, ya know?

Somebody get the body bags
We gon' put the beats in 'em, nah
Put the MC’s in ‘em, season 'em
Put 'em on a beat with me, then I’m eating ‘em
Get away from the table, you rappers ain’t hungry enough
You rappers ain't hungry like us
They talk about me like I'm here
They talk about you like you was, woo!
That nurse came into my room, she told me I'm sick in the head
I'm in hip-hop's hospital bed with a pad and a pen and a brace on my neck
They told me that I’m never leaving
Why? I am as ill as it gets
Any rapper that say that they runnin' the game
I'm-ma come in their session and cut off they legs, woo!
Strap a grenade to my head; pull out the pin
My music is mind blowin'
Ain't nobody do it like I do it
You ain’t ever been on my level
I gotta problem with the way they keep on talkin' and actin' like everybody gonna get a better sleep with your eyes open
You wanna know what I noticed?
I look around at my fan-base and they ready
That last album was heavy
That last album was gritty
How you gon' match that?
Just let me do what I do best
You're better off playing Russian-Roulette
Than comin' in a booth with me
'Cause I get a little bit intense
I’m like, "who’s next?”
Y'all better watch it, take a look at where the clock is
It’s my time
This ladder of music that I climbed:
I took the machete, the game isn’t ready
Them rappers, they coming up on me
I cut off the ladder, and I told ‘em, “bye-bye”
What, You lookin’ for a high-five?
Nice try!
Do not believe everything that you read on the Internet
I do not know who your dentist is, but he should clean out your mouth
Don’t call me a sellout-that’s something I’ve never been
I've been through hell all my life though
But I know what heaven is
Father forgive me, for I am a sinner
But you gave me music as medicine, woo!
And nobody want a problem when they get in my zone
Better leave me be!
I'm a mean MC, better feed me rappers or feed me beats, ah! Feed me both of 'em
They like, "Nate, what's it like to be famous?"
Um, I'll let you know if I make it!
I wonder what life would be like if I didn't stick out my neck
200 dollars inside of my bank account, woo!
I was living on that
I need some money to pay for my rent
I need some money to pay for my gas
I'm not complaining, I'm just being honest
I promise that I will not beg for respect, nah!
I get so frustrated, take a look at what I've created
Time is wasting and I ain't waiting
I'm a doctor with no job
Me, I don't have no patience
I keep pacing back and forth, I keep racing
You ain't never been in my book and I got a problem with it, why?
'Cause you're acting like you read my pages
I wreck these stages, real talk
Better give me space 'cause I am chasing something
They told me that I won't make it, I'm not famous, I'm just Nathan
And I wonder how the world gon' take this
They might hate it, but you don't know anything about me, you know I'll leave 'em changing
'Cause you know I'm real with it, don't care if you feeling it
I'm feeling it, you don't like it?
Then deal with it
And if God ain't real— real isn't
You still wonder why I existed?
I exist in the world that's real different
And "what you gon' be when you grow up, Nate?"
I doubt they will get it
My life is a mess, better watch your step when you step in it
Some of this brain is off limits
I'm off in a world that you don't get 'cause you ain't ever been in it
In 10 minutes, I still couldn't explain what's inside my brain Don't mess with it
I've invested a lot of me inside these lines
I'm just protecting 'em
Everybody wanna hear the real version of life
Then they get so sensitive
When I say something a little bit raw
I jot my thoughts and they call it "negative"
You wanna know where my heart is?
I stand out, 'cause I wear my garbage
I work my hardest and every time I look into the mirror
I don't forget about where I started, woo!

Tell me, what am I doing here?
Tell me, what am I doing here?
Tell me, what am I doing here?
What am I doing?
Tell me what am I doing here?
I said, what am I doing here?
Tell me what am I doing here, if
I'm not being real