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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser Lyrics - First Love


If oceans were filled with ink
And the sky were a blank page
Still I would run out of space
To tell of all this love

Forever will never be long enough
To come to the end of an endless love
I pour out my songs like the oil from the widow’s jar
It’ll never run dry

If every leaf on the trees
Were the notes of a symphony
Than every season would bring
New songs the wind would sing

All the way back, all the way back, all the way back
To my first love
I am falling into my first love

I thought I had to be strong
To somehow earn this love
But the truth has been all along
I only have to fall
I wanna fall

Face to face, there’s nothing separating us
There’s no sin, there’s no shame, all the way back to the Father
Face to face, falling in
I surrender all again
I fall back into Your arms
I feel Your heart beating against me
Face to face, there’s no space between us
Through the blood, through the water, through the grace
I come back to the Father
Through the blood, through the water, I’m born again, I’m falling in
Everything I lost in the garden, I find again in the Father
Everything I gave away, grace returns to me today