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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tasha Cobbs Lyrics - Immediately

I came in this place all burdened down
I tried to lift my hands but I was bound
But the Lord our God said to me
If I praise Him now I will have the victory

So I lifted my hands
Opened my mouth
And Immediately God worked it out (2x)

It doesn't matter your condition
Let this be your disposition (2x)

It doesn't matter (It doesn't matter)
Your condition (Your condition)
Let this be (Let this be)
Your disposition (Your disposition)

You ought to
Lift your hands, and open your mouth
And immediately God will work it out (2x)

I didn't have to wait for it
I didn't have to look nowhere
I didn't to wait for it
He did it immediately (3x)
He did it..

He did it, He did it immediately (4x)
Yes He did (He did it) (7x)

Don't wait till the battle is over
Don't wait till the battle is over shout (2x)

When did He do it (Immediately) 3x
He did it (Immediately)
Don't wait till the battle is over shout.